Our Weight Loss Program


No restrictive diet or intense workouts.


FDA Approved medications.


Initial Appointment for Oral Medication

This visit is comprehensive that can take up to 1 hour to complete.

  • Review Medical history
  • Physical exam
  • Lab work order
  • EKG for heart health evaluation
  • Inbody Composition Analysis tracks-weight, BMI & Fat %
  • Individualized weight loss goal and plan is established
  • Vital signs
  • Customized nutrition meals recommendations
  • Exercise plans for weight loss and maintenance
  • Prescribe oral appetite-suppressant medications
  • b12-injection
  • Program materials

Peptide Therapy Option 1
$1199/12 weeks

This visit is comprehensive that can take up to 1 hour to complete.

  • Semaglutide is a peptide that works by mimicking a hormone called GLP-1, which targets an area of the brain that regulates appetite and food intake.
  • Helps you stay full longer and decrease cravings
  • Once a week medication that can be taken in the comfort of your home or in our office
  • Weight loss of up to 2-4 pounds per week

Peptide Therapy Option 2
$1199/8 weeks

This visit is comprehensive that can take up to 1 hour to complete.

  • It activates two hormones in the body GLP-1 and GIP, that helps regulate your appetite, insulin production and metabolism
  • It helps you eat less, burn more calories and lower blood sugar levels
  • Reduce inflammation in the body
  • weight loss that is long term with diet and exercise
  • Lose up to 15% of your body weight

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Customize Treatment

We understand the struggle it is to lose weight and keep it off, so let us help you in your weight loss and health journey. Our weight loss program is design to help you lose weight and keep it off. Our dedicated healthcare practitioner help create a realistic weight loss plan that is right for you. We teach our clients how to make meal plans, develop exercise program and provide medications to help with weight loss goals. Lose 20lbs or more in just 12 weeks. Get ready to lose weight and keep it off for good!

Real Results

A Inbody Body Composition Scanner is used to help identify your muscle and fat mass, which helps us create realistic and achievable weight loss goals. Your weight loss journey will be monitored and recorded to help you see your results.

Your daily meal will be comprised of nutrient rich food, which will reduce hungry and keeps you full longer. The meal program is created to suite each individual need and liking, so that you will not restrict yourself from any food items that you love. We will work with you to put together the right foods to help you lose and maintain your weight. We here at iHydrate Loung & Medspa in Longwood, will be with you every step of the way. Compliance is Crucial!

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Help to identify issues and how to avoid them.

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Repeat Past Failures

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Regression To Old Eating Habits

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Regaining Lost Weight